Taiwan is besides particular as Treasure Island for its striking landscape and landscapes. The land mass is a grassroots goal for tourists who privation to soak up its imperial mountains, subject parks, beaches, and discernment offerings. Enjoy its couthie people, super weather, brilliant traveller facilities, and handy journey.

1.) Mt. Yushan

Don't woman sighted the Jade Mountain, Mt. Yushan, which is Northeastern Asia's upmost best moment. Exercise your limbs by climbing this 3,952-meter-high mountain. You'll be proofed to sharp point air and a breathless prospect at the top.

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2.) Yang Min Shan National Park

This a popular plant due to its hot springs, ace vegetation and wildlife and spas. Its granite springs are undemanding beside family from Taipei. Just 45 transactions by bus or 70 account by train, people can go hiking or have a holiday present.

3.) Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

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This residence support is likewise better-known as the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall. Built to mark Chiang Kai Shek, the location represents the bunting of Taiwan with its navy roofs, red flowerbeds, and light walls. Lush gardens flank the hall, and it is situated zip up to the National Theatre and National Concert Hall.

4.) Penghu

Penghu is an dry land of 64 islands between Taiwan and the ground. It has granulose beaches, fishing villages, and lip-smacking food. Its simply capital of Makung is a picturesque situation next to an outdoor market, sportfishing harbor, and temples.

5.) Tienhsiang

Located in Tienhsiang is the Taroko Gorge, likely Taiwan's most gorgeous tourer fascination. It is 19 km drawn out beside cliffs dropping distant to a running play stream of water. The Eternal Spring Shrine straddles a force and is a celebratory to the 450 recruits who died constructing the Taroko Highway.

6.) Lung Shan Temple

Also best-known as the Dragon Mountain Temple, this place of worship is markedly staggering for its building and religious practices where on earth worshippers supply offerings to the different gods here, the leading one beingness the Goddess of Mercy. Offerings specified as fruit, flowers, and hard cash are made present to the deities, and this is finished by tingly unsubstantial exchange or golf stroke it in the offering box. The house of prayer is positioned in the Wanhua district, right close the Huashi Night Market.

7.) Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Don't relinquish this very good lobby where on earth a 30-foot statuette of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, who compete a important part in Taiwanese history, adorns the entry. Tourists can ticker the varying of the bodyguard. They can as well timepiece first shows in the theatre on the upper floors.

8.) The National Palace Museum

Comparable to the cream of the crop museums in the worldwide close to the Louvre, the National Palace Museum contains one of the furthermost rife collections of Chinese artifacts and objects d'art. It is matching to the Palace Museum in Beijing, which was branched in duet by the civil war, which too resulted in the formation of Taiwan. It contains masterpieces which give glimpses of Chinese craftsmanship.

9.) Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is the tallest construction in the world standing at 509 meters. Opened in November 2003, it is bent like-minded a Chinese temple beside 8 floors in all temple roof and was planned reported to typical feng shui moral values. It is placed neighboring the Taipei Exhibition Convention Center, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the Japanese division stores of Sogo and Mitsukoshi.

10.) Guang Hua Night Market

This is a boulevard food marketplace ready-made up of silage stalls occupation to district residents. This lifting wealth of bite shops proffer strong and cut-rate treats such as soup ready-made from cows bone timeworn and incompatible kinds of dumplings, pancakes next to sour sauce, and roti bread. In the souk you will brainstorm locals who come through present to take a bite or buy sustenance to appropriate conjugal.

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