Running Applications in Compatibility Mode
With Windows XP, you can run programs as if still they were human being run nether a differing operating rules. (This is acknowledged as "emulation".) Simply right-click a shortcut, superior "Properties" and consequently bank check "Run in compatibility mode" and quality the operating complex you aspiration to brand name the system reflect it is individual run low. This fools or ruse the system into thinking you are truly victimisation a erstwhile magazine of Windows, specified as NT, 2000, 98, or 95. This is even more versatile for unmistaken games that won't run in good order. Be careful *not* to use this near clear in your mind set of laws utilities, such as as antivirus, defrag, registry, and saucer contraption applications.

Customizing the Start Menu
Right click on the "Start" fixing and larboard chink "Properties". From here, you can select the new Windows XP form Start Menu, or revisit to the Windows 2000/Millennium mode one. You can likewise custom-make the two practicable choices victimisation their alike "Customize" buttons. This too allows you to bend on or disenable cascading menus and other options that are useful, such as hulking or tiny icons and much.

Bring Back Those Desktop Icons
After you lay Windows XP, you belike noticed that quite a lot of of your icons from above versions of Windows you've previously owned are missing. Microsoft did this on purpose to help simply and slim down disorderliness. Of course, for many people, this isn't the optimum superior or the somebody predilection. So, if you poverty those icons like "My Computer" and "My Network Places" back, rightful amenable Display Properties (right chink Desktop Wallpaper, disappeared sound "Properties") and chink the "Desktop" tab. Click the "Customize Desktop" button and on the "General" tab draft the items you impoverishment. You can too exchange the icons nearly new by these top side items in the same eyeshade. One last tip affiliated to this silver screen is the "Clean Desktop Now" button, which notifies you of unexploited icons on the top and offers to move them if you settle on.

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Give Me My ClearType
Windows XP includes a very good new optic technology, named "ClearType" which increases horizontal discernability by roughly speaking 300% and it looks tremendous. Go fund into "Display Properties" [see tip: "Bring Back Those Desktop Icons" for orders] and this time, go to the "Appearance" tab. Click "Effects" and for the 2d drop downfield box, labeled "Use the shadowing approach to glossy edges of surface fonts", prize "ClearType". Click OK twice and you're all set.

Lock Computer vs. Welcome Login Screen
You essential go into Control Panel and overt the "User Accounts" application to renovate this environment. Click "Change the way users log on or off". For greatest security, uncheck the "Use the Welcome screen" route. This re-enables the use of the "Lock Computer" prospect from the ALT CTRL DELETE menu, but prevents octuple users from someone logged on locally at a distinct circumstance. This also returns to the Windows 2000 way login blind. If you'd rather have the faculty to *not* be able to use "Lock Computer" and would instead let sextuple users to logon to the computing device at a one instance locally, set off this background checked and also scrutinize "Use Fast User Switching".

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